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Camea and FLV in the III Weigh in Motion Workshop in Brasilia

December 08, 2019

Camea and FLV were present in the III Workshop - New Paradigms of Vehicle’s Weigh in Motion, held in Brasilia on December 4th and 5th, 2019. The Workshop also had the attendance of many representatives from the International Society for Weigh in Motion (ISWIM). Camea has participated with a booth in the exhibition area. During the Workshop Mr. Oto Hejmala has made a presentation about the Camea experience on the implementation of direct enforcement weigh in motion systems in the Czech Republic. See the article clicking in the link below.  

Strike a match

December 02, 2019

The L-VIT with 2500 frames/second in HD-TV resolution (1920x1080 pixel) and the M-VIT with  4000 frames/second in HD-Ready resolution (1280x720 pixel ) leave no wish open in terms of resolution and speed. This performance combined with advanced sensor technology are packed in an ultra-compact housing making it ideal when space is limited. The robust, shock-resistant design (150g / 11ms, all axes) combined with advanced sensor technology result in highly light sensitive cameras. Both cameras are available in different setups and configurations.

Weigh in Motion - An Efficient Way to Control Overweighted Trucks

November 04, 2019

Know the weigh in motion system. A more efficient technology to control overweighted trucks, that can generate millions of Reais in savings on the maintenance and roads pavement repairs.

CAMEA and FLV sign agreement for Brazil

June 18, 2019

CAMEA and FLV signed in June  representation agreement for all Brazilian territory. CAMEA is one of the most important and prestigious global companies in the areas of ITS and Vehicles Weigh in Motion . With headquarters in the city of Brno in Czech Republic, CAMEA offers state of art technology in ITS (traffic management), Weigh in Motion and Visual Inspection Solutions for Industry applications.

FLV in the 8th International Weigh in Motion Conference

June 14, 2019

Held in the city of Prague from May 19th to 23rd, the 8th International Weigh in Motion Conference had the attendance of many participants from various countries.

The participation of Brazil was the biggest percentage wise, representing 10% of the total number of attendants. This clearly demonstrates the great interest from Brazilian government, universities and private companies on this technology. FLV was present with its director Fabio Viviani

FLV visits IAT in Berlin

May 17, 2019

Last May we made a visit to IAT in Berlin. We were kindly received by Mr.Dirk Vetter and Ingo Wulfing. During two days, intensive training sessions were done, when we received updated information on IAT products. Mr. Dirk Meissner, IAT director, also has attended this visit. He participated giving an excellent presentation on CAE simulation services offered by IAT. IAT offers to their customers vehicle safety analysis software, CAE simulations other than tests and projects. FLV represents IAT in Brazil since 2009. 

FLV enters to ITS and Weigh in Motion Market

April 15, 2019

Aware on the current and future demands in traffic management and vehicles weigh control/enforcement on Brazilian Roads and Highways, RTS and FLV have established a cooperation agreement for the Brazil's market to provide engineering solutions/equipments and installation for Weigh in Motion (WIM) applications.

RTS has more than 25 years experience in projects and Weigh in Motion installations. Weigh in Motion stations have sensors installed in the road pavement and can detect vehicles weight in motion with up to +/-3% accuracy. The Weigh in Motion Technology can  also be applied to control vehicle's weigh on bridges and viaducts.

Vehicle Safety Day at Mercedes Benz Brazil

October 15, 2018

Having an excellent attendance the Vehicle Safety day held at Mercedes Benz in Brazil was a great success. Many presentations about the topic have caught the audience interest. Different aspects of Vehicle Safety were covered, like safety in driving, passive safety systems and even the process to release victims trapped in vehicles due to accidents. 

FLV Visits Mercedes Benz Technology Center for Vehicle Safety

August 07, 2017

By special kindness of Mercedes Benz we could visit the very new vehicle safety test center in the city of Sindelfingen in Germany.


We were received and guided in our tour by Engineer Andreas Kramer, who we are very thankful for his attention and information given about the test center during our visit.


Joining us to this visit also present Mr. Jens Wolking, Business Development Manager from Kistler. The data acquisition systems in the Mercedes Benz center are supplied by Kistler, utilizing in dummy technology.

FLV at Safety Week 2017

July 10, 2017

Anually promoted since 2003 by Carhs, Safety Week is the most important global

event in knowledge and information in Automotive Vehicle Safety.


During three days many sessions and seminars bring to the participants what is most

updated in vehicle safety, passive and active.


Having place in the Conference Center in the city of Ashaffenburg, Germany, in the period from May 16th to 18th , the event brought once more valuable information to the professionals of automotive vehicle safety area.

New Impactor with Linear Motors Technology

August 11, 2016

The newest FLV represented company, Additium, presents “E-Launcher”,

impactor for automotive components testing.


E-Launcher has been designed for pedestrian and component impact test.

The system includes a state of the art electrical propeller system, based on linear motors technology.


Main system advantages are:


  • Better control and, therefore, much better impact speed accuracy

  • Higher repeatability as system is less influenced by external factors

  • Lower acceleration during the propulsion, protecting impact shapes from high force peaks

  • Electric powered: clean and maintenance free

  • Silent operation: less acoustic noise

  • Compact design: less occupied space

No need of preliminary tests

AOS Promom Scope

June 17, 2016

The Promon system enables the continuing monitoring of process at full production speed.

Its high speed camera captures videos which could be visualized in super slow motion,

detecting problems which are impossible to be perceived to the human eye.

See the more details in the video in the link below.

Seminário Via do Futuro – Lateral Impact Presentation

November 12, 2015

The Engineer Fabio Viviani from FLV Testing made a presentation on Lateral Impact

in the seminar “Via do Futuro”

The presentation covered the importance in the adoption of lateral impact restraint

systems in the vehicles manufactured and sold in Brazil.

Aspects of the dynamics and consequences of Lateral Impacts were also commented.

Held in São Paulo, the event promoted by the Ministry of Cities and Brazilian DOT – DENATRAN, approached the aspects of safety in traffic, with the attendance of the minister Gilberto Kassab and other authorities.

See the presentation clicking on the link below:

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