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III Weigh in Motion Workshop - ANTT - Brasília


Fábio Viviani (FLV) and Oto Hejmala (Camea)


Good public attending the III Workshop at ANTT


Oto Hejmala (Camea) presentation


Good public attendance through all the event


Emil Doupal (ISWIM)


Valter Tani (LabTrans)  and Emil Doupal (ISWIM)

Certainly 2020 will be a decisive year to the definitive introduction of WIM systems in the Brazilian roads and highways.


The urgent required investments in the improvement of the road structure are a priority to the country’s development, giving the conditions for the growth of the economic activity.


With the growth and improvements in the highway network it is very important a good quality pavement maintenance, together with high efficiency and low costs


The WIM systems are indispensable to reach those objectives.


In conclusion we can say that the workshop was a great success with the attendance of many companies and certainly has contributed in a important way to the promotion of new products and technologies of weigh in motion systems.

Camea and FLV attended the III Workshop – New Paradigms for vehicles in Weigh in Motion, held in Brasilia, on December 4th and 5th, 2019.


Camea has shown in its booth in the exhibition area, the latest developments in hardware and software to monitor/control the weight of vehicles in motion.

Camea booth has received the visit  of many interested companies in the weigh in motion technology and its applications, since the simple ones like traffic management up to the most sophisticated like direct enforcement.


During the workshop Mr. Oto Hejmala, Camea sales manager, made the presentation with the topic ”Experience in the Implementation of Direct Enforcement WIM systems”.

The workshop also had the participation of many representatives from the International Society for Weigh in Motion.


Among them Mr.Emil Doupal who caught the audience attention with its presentation “Implementation of the High Speed WIM for Direct Enforcement


The event also had the participation of LabTrans from the Santa Catarina Federal University (UFSC). Dr. Valter Tani from LabTrans was the mediator of one of the most important panels, with presentations and discussions about experiences and solutions for direct enforcement weigh in motion systems

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