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FLV in 8th International Weigh in Motion Conference

FLV attended the 8th International Conference on Weigh-in-Motion, held in the city of Prague last May.

With more than 200 participants from many regions of the world, the conference brought relevant presentations and speeches about the theme.

Brazil had an outstanding participation with more than 10% of the total number of participants, being the biggest attendance percentage wise

Congresso WIM 2091_01.jpg

Conference Main Auditorium

This clearly demonstrates the interest of Brazil in this important technology in weigh control and monitoring. The effective weigh control in roads and highways generates an enormous resources savings, reducing the high costs in pavement repairing or rebuilding.


In the case of Brazil that cannot be different. In spite of the percentage of the total paved roads to the total roads is only 12,4%, according to data form the “Sistema Nacional de Viação – SNV1”, Brazil still has a total of 213.453 km of paved roads/highways. A very long extension in absolute values.


We can easily perceive then the importance to effectively and efficiently control the weigh that is actually transiting on these roads, to preserve them best possible way.  


Eng, Gustavo Otto from LabTrans UFSC


Eng. Mariana Bosso from EcoRodovias

Excellent presentations by the members from the Labtrans(UFSC) and Camea.

Jan Fucik from Camea made the presentation "Road Preservation using direct enforcement WIM: in-the-field experience from Russia", which had a great interest from the audience.

Covering an important topic, the panel "Impact of the Lack Weight Enforcement on Maintenance Costs of the Brazilian Roads", had the participation of Gustavo Otto and Valter Tani, as well other members from Labtrans.


The Conference also had a space for exhibition, were many companies could showcase their products.


The Camea booth got high public attention, showing products and technologies for Weigh in Motion and ITS.


Eng. Jan Fucik from CAMEA


Eng. Jan Fucik from CAMEA presentation

In conclusion it was an excellent conference with works, presentations and products exhibition that much have contributed to enhance the knowledge of the international weigh in motion community.


The 9th Conference is already set in 2020 in the city of Melbourne in Australia.


See you there!

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