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FLV at Safety Week 2017

Anually promoted since 2003 by Carhs, Safety Week is the most important global event in knowledge and information in Automotive Vehicle Safety.


During three days many sessions and seminars bring to the participants what is most updated in vehicle safety, passive and active.


Having place in the Conference Center in the city of Ashaffenburg, Germany, in the period from May 16th to 18th , the event brought once more valuable information to the professionals of automotive vehicle safety area.




Auditório Principal da Safety Week 2017

Safety Week 2017 Main Auditorium

In addition to the technical presentations performed in the auditoriums of the Covention Center, the suppliers companies shown in a exhibition area their new products and technologies.  

View of the exhibition area of the Safety Week 2017 

The event organizer Carhs, which is represented in Brazil by FLV, came to the show with a novelty. It is a search tool specific for any article, document or standard related to automotive safety in the site Just digit this address in your browser and you’ll be driven to a site, which is specific for vehicle safety.


“It is much better and more efficient than to use Google, when the search is related to automotive safety”, said Rainer Hoffman, Carhs CEO. “The search only brings related subjects, as well all documents in the most updated versions. Old documents versions are also shown. It is a real useful tool to engineers and technicians and it is available free on the internet”, complements Rainer.

Rainer Hoffmann (Carhs) and Fábio Viviani (FLV)

Carhs also presented the Safety Companion 2017, which gathers updated information in standards and norms for vehicle safety tests, as well all 2017 courses and seminars schedule.

Our represented company in hydraulic and pneumatic sleds, Instron Gmbh, also was present at Safety Week. Mike DeLeeuw, Instron vice president, made the presentation - High Performance Sled Systems: meeting current and future requirements.

Mike Deleeuw (Instron) and Fabio Viviani (FLV)

Fabio Viviani (FLV) and Jürgen Krämer (Instron)

In the data acquisition area and sensors, Kistler has presented the DTI (Digital transducer Interface) integration into a THOR dummy.


“The THOR dummy requires a high number of sensors. Up to now we were limited to a maximum of 144 channels per dummy. With the new DTI recorder we can now integrate up to 288 channels”, mention Jens Wolking, Kistler’s Business Development Manager.


During the event Mr.Jens and Mr. Alexander Schimit from Kistler ,made the presentation: “THOR-DTI Integration – from the concept study to the final design”, which is available for download below.

Jens Wolking (Kistler) and Fabio Viviani (FLV)

Also present in the event our newest represented company in the area of vehicle safety testing equipments - ADDITIUM

Additium Technologies, S.L. is a young company formed by a highly experienced team.

With Headquarters in Madrid, Spain – Additium designs and manufactures complete line of testing equipments for safety testing, since components tests up to complete crash facilities.

In the ADDITIUM booth Mr. Jorge De Goyeneche, global sales manager and Mr. Roberto Fernández, General Manager, shown the latest equipment design and manufactured by ADDITIUM, with the state of art technology.

Jorge De Goyeneche (Additium), Fabio Viviani (FLV) and Roberto Fernández (Additium)

All Safety Week presentations can be purchased directly from Carhs website. 

The 2018 Safety Week will take place in the city of Aschaffenburg, from June 5th to 7th.

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