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Knowledge for tomorrow's automotive engineering offers a training program for automotive engineers that is unique. It covers everything from standardized courses to custom in-house seminars to complete educational programs, along with symposia, conferences and congresses for special areas of automotive safety and product development.


The Training Center from in Germany now offers more than 70 standardized courses with well-known instructors. They come out of industry, higher education, state institutions and research, and are proven experts for their respective fields. Our clientele includes automotive manufacturers and suppliers all over the world.


Carhs annual congress SafetyUpdate and its companion trade fair SafetyExpo, both part of the SafetyWeek, held in the city of Aschaffenburg in Germany, are also firmly established.

In Brazil in cooperation with FLV has promoted the following Seminars and



  • Basic on Vehicle Passive Safety

  • Crash Testing Brazil 2012

  • Euro NCAP and Latin NCAP Seminar 2013


Areas of specialization from


- Passive and active vehicle safety

- Driver assistance systems

- CAE methods and processes

- Virtual product development

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