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High Speed Cameras

AOS Technologies is a leading manufacturer of top quality, high-speed cameras and high speed imaging systems. AOS high-speed cameras and video systems are used worldwide in demanding environments where precise, accurate high-speed recordings are a must. High-speed cameras can record the details of impacts and provide in-depth visual insights into events that happen during accidents. Whether industrial, automotive or defense and space applications, AOS high-speed cameras are providing insights into the fast mechanical events in a broad range of applications.


Process Monitoring

AOS Technologies is a world wide renowned manufacturer of high speed streaming systems for long time recording at high frame rates. High Speed Streaming is used when long time recording with high frame rates is essential for analyzing a fast mechanical movement. AOS vision components and LED illumination are top brand products and the first choice for many applications.



Be it High speed cameras, High speed streaming systems or demanding process monitoring applications, AOS is a reliable partner providing turn key solutions for your applications. AOS offer turn key installations for high speed and process monitoring applications ranging from industrial monitoring and automotive crash testing to the most demanding requirements for applications in the field of aircraft and airborne testing.


AOS in Brazil

Since 2013 FLV proudly represents AOS systems in Brazil. Contact us for more information and prices for AOS cameras and systems.


Ask for a camera demonstration at your site through our email:


Or call us - Phone: 11 5052-8723

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