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Advanced Car Technology Systems is a leading company in the vehicle safety market in Europe. In its modern test center, ACTS puts components, systems and complete vehicles to the test.


Experience and competence ensure quality and success

Over a period of more than 15 years, ACTS has earned an excellent reputation as a reliable and flexible partner. ACTS test engineers are the link between testing and engineering departments in today's challenging vehicle safety projects.


We shape innovations

Before trendsetting features are tested according to legal or consumer tests, our engineers create new test methods in order to assure our customers' engineering. ACTS has CAD/CAE tools at its disposal as well as test facilities such as endurance strength and durability test benches, airbag deployment facilities, environmental simulation, a crash and a crash simulation facility and an in-house dummy certification laboratory.


We share experience

Furthermore, the planning of new test laboratories, additional features for existing facilities and application trainings form part of our product portfolio. Our customers benefit from years of testing experience combined with technical knowledge of equipment and facility details.




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